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Sodalite Gemstone Beaded Stretch Bracelet

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Elevate Your Look with Sodalite Gemstone Stretch Bracelets

You have the perfect outfit, now all you need this sodalite gemstone beaded stretch bracelet elevate it. This handmade bracelet is double strung with stretch wire for extra security. You will receive a bracelet similar to the one pictured but not exact since all stones are unique.  This bracelet is comfortable to wear and contains no metal, so it is perfect for sensitive skin.  It makes a great gift for a friend.  Wear it alone or stacked with other gemstone bracelets.  Unakite is said to be the stone of grounding and vision.

Bracelet Dimensions


●Beads: 6mm
●Length: 7” (About 18cm)

 How to Care for Sodalite

Although Sodalite is a long-lasting and durable stone, it is not very hard and can get scratched.  Since sodalite can be sensitive to household cleaners, it is best to clean it with a soft cloth with a bit of mild soap if needed and gently wipe. When taking your off your bracelet, roll it off your wrist.