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Blue Beaded Pen

Blue Beaded Pen

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Sparkly Blue Beaded Ink Pen

The Blue Beaded Ink Pen from Scott D Jewelry Designs is an exquisite writing instrument that is designed to impress. This beaded pen is the perfect blend of functionality and style, making it a great addition to your desk, bag or even as a gift to someone special.

Unique Features of the Blue Beaded Pen

The blue beaded pen features a beautiful combination blue beads and sparkling crystals on the body that adds a touch of elegance and sophistication to it. The beads are strung together to form a beautiful pattern that is pleasing to the eye. The beaded pen is crafted with precision and care, making it a durable and reliable writing instrument that is sure to last for years to come.  It is the perfect size for carrying around in your pocket or purse.  The ballpoint pen writes smoothly in black ink and produces clean lines, making it ideal for everyday use.  One of the unique features of this beaded pen is the use of refillable ink cartridges. This means that you can use the pen for a long time without having to replace it, making it an environmentally friendly option. 

Why Choose the Sparkle Blue Ink Pen

The Blue Beaded Ink Pen from Scott D Jewelry Designs is a beautiful writing instrument that is sure to impress. Its unique design, comfortable grip, and smooth writing experience make it a great addition to anyone's collection. Whether you use it for daily writing or as a gift for someone special, this beaded pen is an excellent choice.  Order Yours Today!

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5.7 Inches long

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